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This is a self directed course for those who already have an excellent knowledge of the Tarot and can demonstrate experience and personal development as a result of their practice.

A Tarot Masters Diploma will require an dissertation containing at least 3000-words concentrating on personal development and philosophy. It will also focus on ethical interaction with clients.

You can use quotes from books, websites etc as long as you acknowledge this.

The ability to correlate your knowledge of the tarot to other esoteric approaches is essential. This may involve including subjects of a religious or metaphysical perspectives. General philosophy, scientific perspectives and/or psychological theory can be included in the dissertation. How this is accomplished is at the discretion of the learner.

Please write a dissertation covering the following points using at least  3000 words and send it with payment.

  •     Origin of the Tarot.
  •     Your own ethical principles in practice.
  •      Personal approaches to clients.
  •     Your understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana.
  •     Your approach to using reversals (this is a personal choice).
  •     Your experiences of using the Tarot.
  •     Your feelings about intuitive and standard interpretation.
  •     Other ways you use the cards. (Such as meditation).
  •     How the cards have contributed to your personal development.
  •     Your existential, religious or philosophical views regarding the Tarot.
  •     Correlate to other esoteric scientific or psychological viewpoints.

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