Scholar of  Tarot  Therapy (PCA)

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Many practitioners have developed a way of fostering a clients autonomy so that they can function more effectively without the need for continued service.
Use of free association techniques and guided imagery have been incorporated by some practitioners in addition to using the tarot to encourage a client to increase dialogue and  expression.
The techniques will differ from practitioner to practitioner, however the practitioner must be able to demonstrate awareness of the importance of empowerment and ethics.
Those who have studies counselling and psychology will have an advantage in writing their essay.

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Please write a dissertation containing at least  3000 words covering the following points:

  • Origin of the Tarot.
  • Your own ethical principles.
  • Personal approaches to clients.
  • Discuss psychological risks of Tarot being practiced with the vulnerable.
  • The need for assessment. (making sure the client is choosing the right service)
  • Your experiences combining Counselling & Tarot.
  • Encouraging autonomy and empowerment.
  • Using guided imagery.
  • Discuss psychological approaches to counselling and how you incorporate them.
  • How you can avoid indoctrinating clients with your own beliefs.
  • Issues of ego in the practitioner. 
  • Your own philosophy regarding Tarot counselling.
  • Please state what name you require on your certificate.

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Tarot Therapy PCA

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