PCA Rune Casting Award

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Runes have existed in several forms over the centuries and in differing applications and philosophies have been applied to them.

This course is assessed mainly on the learners ability to correlate their learning and personal philosophy to current beliefs about the subject. Feel free to criticise those academic writers who are seen as authorities on the subject.

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You will receive a Diploma on completion of a 3000 word dissertation that describes your beliefs regarding the Runes and their use. Please include the following:

  • Rune history
  • Making my own Runes. (Or purchasing them, your opinion).
  • Caring for the Runes
  • How you use the Runes. (Divination, meditation etc.)
  • Ethics in practice.
  • Your Philosophy and ethics regarding use.


Remember this essay represents your own approach and beliefs in practice. 

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