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This award represents knowledge of the most prominent religions in the world. It should include personal thoughts and theories relating to the development and application of each religion and also discuss similarities and fundamental differences. Please include your personal and cultural viewpoint when writing your essay.

Please write an essay containing 3000 + words including the following:


  • Discuss the human need for spirituality and meaning.
  • The effect of spirituality and religion in society and culture.
  • Communication with the divine, meditation and trance.
  • Festivals and annual observations, identify similarities.
  • Discuss similarities in religions including deities, myths, and morality.
  • Religion and prejudice. 
  • Discuss good and evil as well as temptation.
  • Ancient pagan religion around the world.
  • Philosophy of Judaism.
  • Philosophy of Christianity.
  • Philosophy of Islam.
  • Philosophy of Hinduism.
  • Philosophy of Sikhism.
  • Philosophy of Buddhism.
  • New religions and cults.
  • Discuss religious hierarchies.
  • Beliefs regarding death and the afterlife.
  • Atheism and science. 
  • Discuss ethics with and without religion. Correlate all approaches.
  • Personal beliefs and observations of the above should be referred to throughout.

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