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Award in Psychology demonstrates that the holder has been able to understand the main perspectives of psychology and understand the ethics which are required when doing research. It is useful to refer to famous experiments in each psychological perspective and describe the ethical issues involved. It is also desirable to acknowledge current ethical bodies and their principles. This award is useful in demonstrating a commitment to personal development and learning. 

Please include as much of your own opinions and insights as possible.

Download our ethics here.

(Please note that other appropriate ethics from Psychology societies should be referred to.)

 Please write an dissertation describing the following subjects using  no less than 3000 words. You may want to criticise, correlate different perspectives and give your own thoughts to demonstrate learning.

  1. Include as much of your own thoughts, theories as possible throughout this essay
  2. Psychodynamic perspective.
  3. Cognitive perspective
  4. Behavioural perspective
  5. Social psychology
  6. Humanistic psychology
  7. Biological perspective
  8. Application in therapy.
  9. importance of research and why Psychology is scientific.
  10. Ethical considerations in research
  11. Discuss popular psychology.
  12. Include how your knowledge has contributed to your personal philosophy.
  13. Make a short deceleration that this is your own work .
  14. Include your address
  15. State how you would like your name to appear on your certificate.
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Payment Options

Award in Psychology PCAc

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.