PCAc Award in Person Centred Care & Support

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Person centred philosophy has its roots in Humanistic psychology and has Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers as it’s founders. 

It was originally applied to counselling and psychotherapy but was advocated by Rogers as applicable to all areas of human endeavor, appropriately this has influenced those who practice in the fields of care and support. 

The Person Centred Philosophy has been adopted as an approach to care and support by some countries in delivering health services and care. This has meant that workers have needed to adapt their practice in line with the Person Centred Perspective. 

Person Centred Philosophy has evolved as it has been assimilated by legislation to fit governmental aims, however this course requires you to take a fresh approach to the philosophy and offer your own perspective on how Person Centred Approach can be applied to care and support.

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 Please write a dissertation containing no less than 3000 words covering the following:


  • Refer to your own beliefs, criticisms and thoughts throughout.
  • Cover Maslow's 'hierarchy of needs' throughout.
  • Describe  the difference between ‘self actualisation’ and ‘actualising an ideal’ discuss the effects and causes of both, Include a discussion on the ‘Actualising Tendency’ and the introjection of ‘conditions of worth.’
  • Importance of valuing people in nurturing self esteem.
  • Discuss how valuing people can be either conditional or unconditional and its effects on a service user or client including the effect on a their authenticity and ability to self-actualise.
  • Importance of authenticity in the service provider and staff. Include points of supervision and continuing ‘personal and professional development.’ Also discuss the tendency of professionals to nurture dependency in service users.
  • Discuss the effect of social roles and stereotypes on a service user and how this will effect how they relate to others. ( research in transactional analysis or transference will be useful)
  • Discuss the risks of institutionalisation and the challenge of supporting independence.
  •  Importance of goals & their incorporation in support ( service, care ) You may want to refer to SMART principles or use other approaches such as PATHs,. It is left to the writer how to express goal setting as long as it is in harmony with Person Centred Philosophy.
  • Approaches to Positive Behaviour Support. You may Refer To Nappi, The S.C.A.R.E.D Model, and the application of REBT (ABC's) or any other approach in your dissertation. 
  • Discuss & criticise the approach.
  • Ethical issues
  • Remember to include your own thoughts throughout.
  • Include how you would like your name to appear and your address.
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Person Centred Care & Support

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