PCAc Award in NLP

This award represents an individual’s knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic programming. The essay that you submit will include the central principles of NLP and include your own theories and criticisms of NLP. You will demonstrate ability to correlate NLP theory with other psychological theories and identify the skills that are used in NLP. You will expand the points below to include application and process of NLP. 

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Please write a dissertation containing no less than 3000 words discussing the following points:

  • History and development of NLP including the background of Bandler and Grinder's research.
  • Definition of NLP.
  • Discuss the influences of Gestalt Therapy, theories of Virginia Satir, Milton Errickson & Noam Chomsky.
  • The Meta Model
  • Rapport
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Outcome Thinking.
  • Behavioural Flexibility.
  • Modelling
  • The presuppositions of NLP
  •  Dynamics of Neuro-logical levels.
  •  Representational systems.
  • Application and use of Hypnotherapy
  • Application in Life Coaching.
  • Application in Psychotherapy
  • Personal Development
  • Advertising and persuasion. 
  •  The Four Pillars.
  • The application of NLP (anchoring, pacing and leading etc.)
  •  Ethical issues.
  •  Correlate to other psychological theory throughout.

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