PCAc Award in Jungian Psychology

This essay should centre around Jung’s structure of personality.

This is a self-directed course for those who already have knowledge of Jungian psychology and can demonstrate experience and personal development as a result of their learning.

This course consists of submitting an essay containing at least 5000 words that cover the required evidence of learning and personal development below.

You can use quotes from books, websites etc as long as you acknowledge this.

A Logos Award demonstrates that you have knowledge of the outlining principles of a subject.

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Please include an explanation of the following in your essay using at least 5000 words:

  • Jung's Life and experience and influences.
  • Relationship to Freud and Philosophical differences.
  • The Ego and the Self.
  • Consciousness.
  • The Personal Unconscious &Complexes.
  • The Collective Unconscious and Archetypes.
  • Working with the unconscious.
  • Individuation.
  • Alchemy,
  • Synchronicity
  • Approach to alcohol dependency.
  • Personality types.
  • spirituality and occult influences.
  • Compare to other Psychological and philosophical perspectives throughout.
  • Include your own thoughts throughout your dissertation.

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Jungian Psychology PCAc

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.