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This certificate represents an individual’s knowledge, personal development & philosophy regarding the Biblical Jesus . To achieve a Diploma an individual should complete an dissertation covering the bullet points bellow.

This is a self-directed course for those who already have knowledge of the Biblical Jesus and can demonstrate experience and personal development as a result of their knowledge. Be aware that this has been designed to be available to all faiths and philosophies.

The information on this page is all you need to complete the course and receive an informal diploma. 

This informal course consists of submitting a dissertation containing at least 3000 words that cover the required evidence of learning and personal development below.

You can use quotes from books, websites etc as long as you acknowledge this.

Please write a dissertation covering the following points using no less than 3000 words and send it with payment.

Please use scriptures and your own beliefs in relation to them while writing your dissertation.


  1. Who was/is Jesus?
  2. Describe the main purpose of Jesus from your perspective?
  3. What are the meaning of his miracles?
  4. Describe his method of teaching and his primary message.
  5. Describe Jesus relationship with God.
  6. Describe Jesus relationship with religious leaders of his time and its lesson.
  7. The meaning of Jesus death.
  8. Explain your observations regarding the approach of  Jesus regarding 'Love and compassion vs Dogma.'
  9. Core ethics of Jesus. (this will be your own observations)
  10. Describe your own philosophy in relation to the philosophy of Jesus throughout your dissertation.

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Payment Options

Philosophy of Jesus PCAc

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.