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This Award represents the ability to recognise and understand the origin of the spirituality as expressed through the archetypal characters of the StarWars movies. You are required to examine the movies of StarWars and compare the “way of the force” with existing philosophies and religions with similar existential outlooks on reality and metaphysics.

Jediism has been adopted by millions as an acceptable philosophy of life, based on archetypal characters.

You will be required to write a 5000 word essay which contains your own observations, theories. You will be required as part of the ethos of Plessey Castle to express how the Jedi philosophies and their earthly spiritual inspirations have contributed to your Personal Development.

This piece of work will represent your own intellectual observations rather than following an established dogma.

Please write a 5000 word essay including the following:

  • Quotes from the StarWars movies.

  •  Include your own thoughts throughout.

  • Nature of the Force.

  • Influences of earthly spirituality ( This may include Tao, Dauism Buddhism Upanishads etc but can include your own observations please make reference to earthly spirituality throughout your essay )

  • Jedi ethics as expressed in the movies, include your own interpretations of these ethics and suggest modifications.

  •  The influence and characteristics of Sith and their philosophical difference.

  • Your thoughts on whether an individual is able to return from the “Dark Side”

  • Love and attachment.

  • Feelings and emotion.

  • The issues of ego.

  •  Jedi philosophy in relation to violence.

  • Mindfulness and meditation.

  • Harnessing the force. (Include spiritual and psychological skills that can be applied for personal effectiveness

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