PCAc Award in Immanuel Kant 

This diploma represents knowledge of the life and philosophy of Kant. When preparing your dissertation you should consider how Kants philosophy relates to his contemporaries and predecessors. You should also include how Kant has influenced or can be compared to philosophical, scientific and psychological thought.

Please use quotes from the writings of Kant and other philosophers when discussing correlations and making interpretations.

The Dissertation must include as much of your own thoughts as possible to express understanding. You should write at least 5000 words to achieve this diploma. 

Your 5000+ dissertation must contain the following information in your own arrangement. 

  • ·         Personal history and his influences.
  • ·         Comparisons to other philosophical ideas and thinkers.
  • ·         Kants view on logic &  metaphysics.
  • ·         The existence of God and issues of religion.
  • ·         Kants view of scepticism and idealism.
  • ·         Kantian morals and the categorical imperative.
  • ·         Freedom.
  • ·         Issues of empiricism and rationalism and Kant’s solution.
  • ·         Kant’s contribution to idealism/ transcendental idealism
  • ·         Nebular hypothesis.
  • ·         Philosophy of mind and epistemology
  • ·         Aesthetics and teleology.
  • ·         Discuss A Priori conditions and the process of apperception
  • ·         Summarise 'the critique of pure reason'.
  • ·         How post Kantian thinkers were influenced by his work.

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Payment Options

PCAc Immanuel Kant

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.