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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is used by many practitioners to assist an individual to alter their thoughts and behavior or for analytical reasons. It involves focusing the mind while in a relaxed state. The practitioner introduces differing techniques which are best suited to the desired result.

This course will be assessed on your ability to criticise current theory and correlate it with your own philosophies or beliefs.

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 Please write a 3000 word dissertation covering the following points:

  1. History of hypnosis
  2. What is hypnotherapy/ hypnosis? (Include common misconceptions.)
  3. States of consciousness.
  4. The unconscious, the conscious and the defenses.
  5. The structure of personality (you may take this from any perspective).
  6. Ethical perspective in hypnotherapy.
  7. Techniques.
  8. Describe what a trance is.
  9. The uses of hypnotherapy
  10. Self-hypnosis.
  11. Does a hypnotic subject loose their will? Explain your answer.
  12. Describe the process of hypnotic conditioning.
  13. State/ none state argument, your opinion?
  14. How to differentiate a good hypnotherapist from the bad.
  15. Your thoughts on past life regression.
  16. Other uses for hypnotherapy.
  17. Write an original hypnotherapy script with commentary on your techniques.
  18. Your own beliefs, philosophy regarding hypnosis throughout.
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