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Over history witches have been blamed for all manner of catastrophes from shipwrecks to the souring of milk.

The history of witchcraft spans every continent and time period in human history. Its origin is pagan spirituality and has been the subject of prejudice and persecution as a result. The Christian and Hebrew Bible condemns witches to death and this was used to justify the murder of anyone who fitted  the stereotype of a witch.

In this essay you must address the myths of witchcraft and discuss its realities. The term witch can be used to describe both male and female if you wish.

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Please write an Dissertation using at least 3000 words discussing the following:


  • The meaning and definition of witchcraft.
  • How witches have been represented in differing cultures (both positively and negatively)
  • Reconcile truth and fiction regarding witchcraft (Beliefs, Broomsticks, wands, spells,)
  • Persecution of witches.
  • Modern witchcraft and its role in society.
  • Celebrations and their pagan origin.
  • Discuss ethics in regard to witchcraft history.
  • Describe your own beliefs and opinions throughout this essay
  • Write a short statement that this is your own work.
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