PCAc Award in Gestalt Theory
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Gestalt is translated as "pattern" or "whole." It is used in psychology and therapy to explain the minds tendency  to complete perceptual information by generating information to fill the gaps based on previous experience of a phenomenon. Psychology focuses on visual perception and therapy expands this to include all human experience with the goal of increasing awareness. Gestalt Theory can be approached from both the psychological viewpoint and the therapeutic approach.  Your dissertation should include as much of your own insights as possible and discuss perception and beliefs and how these can be challenged therapeutically.

Your work should concentrate on the work of therapist Frederick Perls and include on the influences of Gestalt and other Psychologists.

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Please write an essay containing no less than 3000 words dissertation covering the following:

  • Include your own thoughts, philosophies and theories throughout this dissertation
  • Describe the relationship between Gestalt psychology and Gestalt Therapy.
  • Discuss the gestalt Prayer.
  • Self and Ego.
  • Gestalt view of neurosis
  • Discuss perception and beliefs
  • Explain issues of contact boundaries and assimilation.
  • Gestalt viewpoint explaining psychological problems.
  • Cycle of awareness.
  • Unfinished business.
  • Gestalt experiments.
  • Phenomenological Method.
  • Role of the therapist and the Dialogical Relationship.
  • Force Field Analysis.
  • Ethics
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PCAc in Gestalt

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