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Divination has been used since the beginning of time as an attempt to gain insight into life and existence. It is often employed by people as part of a spiritual quest to understand the divine. Divination is most recognised in society as the tools of the fortune teller and is often viewed as something enjoyable which can be experienced at a fair. Divination is used by many as an aid to self development and incorporate it within their spiritual practice. Far from being superficial tools that are used to entertain, divination is central to the decision making of some societies as well as providing practical moral guidance for those who study its sources.

The dissertation must contain as much of your own personal viewpoints as possible in relation to the subjects discussed.  

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Please write a 5000 word dissertation covering the following points:


  • Include your own thoughts throughout your dissertation. 
  • Explain divination and its history
  • Discuss its value
  • Discuss its possible dangers.
  • Forms of divination (Tarot, Runes, I-Ching etc).
  • Your preferred form of divination.
  • Other uses for divination.
  • Ethics
  • Experiences you have had during practice.
  • Include your address.
  • How you would like your name to appear on your certificate.
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