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Freudian Psychoanalysis has been the most recognisable form of psychotherapy which has developed over the past century.  It attempts to explain human nature by addressing unconscious manifestations which are investigated for insight.

This award demonstrates awareness of the subject as well as the ability to evaluate its validity.

This dissertation should be 5000 words long and centre on Freud’s structure of personality.

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Please include an explanation of the following in your dissertation:

To obtain your award you must write a dissertation containing the following in 5000 words.
  1. Include as much of your own thoughts and theories as possible. 
  2. Id, Ego & Superego
  3. Consciousness
  4. Pre-conscious
  5. Unconscious.
  6. Ethical issues.
  7. Criticise & correlate to other psychological theory.
  8. How you would like your name to appear on your certificate.
  9. Your address.

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 Payment Options

PCAc Award in Freudian Analysis

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.