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Existential therapy focuses on the development of a client’s self-awareness by looking into the issues of our existence, isolation, meaninglessness, and mortality. The therapist emphasises the client’s ability to freely make choices in the present, not under the influence of deterministic aspects or past conditioning. The existentialist attempts to convert meaninglessness into meaningfulness, giving the client the courage to make their own healthy choices.

You will receive an Award in Existential therapy after submitting a dissertation containing at least 5000 words covering the points below. Please do your own research and include your own evaluation of the approach and/or correlate it to other philosophies or psychological approaches.

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Please write a dissertation containing at least 5000 words including the following. You may include your own thoughts, philosophy or criticisms.

  • The meaning of existentialism
  • History & philosophy.
  • The human condition and the 'four dimensions of human existence' ( Four Worlds).
  • Givens of existence.
  • Phenomenology.
  • Logotherapy and its influences.
  • Discuss the relationship of Humanism with Existential perspective.
  • Freedom autonomy and bad faith.
  • The good life.
  • Ethical perspective.
  • Explanation of psychological disturbance.
  • Therapeutic change & goals of therapy.
  • Include as much of your own ideas, opinions and observations as possible.

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Payment Options

Award In existential Perspective PCAc

£ 80 

After sending a dissertation certificate is delivered to your door.