PCAc Award in Mindfulness 

To obtain a PCAc award in Mindfulness you are required to write a dissertation which demonstrates your knowledge of theory and application. Many psychotherapists and counsellors have this diploma to compliment their therapeutic range. This award requires deep understanding of the subject and the ability to correlate it to other learning to demonstrate understanding.

To achieve this award you must write a Dissertation containing 3000+ words containing the following:

     Discuss the meaning of mindfulness and its cultural variances.

     Discuss the process involved in delusion and present moment awareness.

     Mindfulness in Buddhism and the effect of Mara.

     The 'monkey mind' and overcoming its dominance.

     Mindfulness breathing.

     Describe how mindfulness can be applied in meditation and other activities.

     Psychological benefits of mindfulness and how these can be applied (use examples).

     My own experiences of mindfulness.

     Include your own thoughts and opinions throughout to express understanding.

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 Payment Options

Mindfulness PCAc

£ 80 

For Assesement & For certificate delivered to your door.