PCAc Award in Meditation.

This popular diploma requires the writer to demonstrate knowledge of the differing cultural approaches to meditation and discuss their philosophical similarities.

You must be able to describe the spiritual, philosophical and scientific viewpoints as well as your own thoughts to demonstrate understanding.

This Dissertation should be written using 3000+ words and should include as many personal statements as possible regarding your own experiences and observations regarding meditation to demonstrate understanding.

Write a 3000+ dissertation covering the following. 

     Define meditation

     Scientific support

     How meditation is understood and applied in different faiths.

     Secular applications (Medical, psychological etc..)

     Effect on achieving enlightenment and Nirvana, make references to historical examples.

     Discuss breathing.



     Correlate and contrast Hindu and Buddhist approaches.

     Use of  mantras, prayer and affirmations.

     Discuss meditation in 'new age' faiths.

     Guided meditation.

     Discuss personal approach to meditation.

     Process of meditation, posture, breathing and mental focus.


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 Payment Options

Meditation PCAc Certificate

£ 80 

Certificate delivered to your door after submission of dissertation.