Scholar of Buddhist Psychology PCAc

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This course is designed for those who already use psychotherapeutic approaches in their practice. It requires the author to think and reason on Buddhist thought and how this could be applied to counselling and psychotherapy. Plessey Castle will assess your ability to recognise correlations between Buddhist thought and counselling/psychotherapy and psychology.

This course requires you to formulate your own approach to Buddhist psychotherapy and it is expected that all dissertations will have a unique perspective on this subject. The author of an Dissertation does not need to attach themselves to any specific school of thought or other practitioner’s opinions, you will in effect be creating your own unique version of psychotherapy through your already existing knowledge.

On completion of your dissertation you will receive your award through the post. 

Please be aware that the following points do not represent the structure of your dissertation. You may wish to express the points in a different format or include differing theories. When doing so please give reasons for this in your dissertation.

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Please write a 3000-word dissertation using the following Buddhist points as a guide only. Correlate and identify differences to psychological & psychotherapeutic theory:

  • Include as much of your own thoughts and theories as possible throughout. 
  • The Four Noble Truths & reasons people seek psychotherapy.
  • Attachment theory & relationship to Buddhist thought
  • Discuss the Skanddas (Aggregates) & theories of identity & self. 
  • The Hindrances.
  • Application of compassion
  • Use of meditation, guided imagery.
  • Cognitive effect of mindfulness.
  • Buddhist ethics.
  • Your address.
  • How you would like your name to appear on your certificate.
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