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We are a small business located in Cramlington Northumberland who offer informal acknowledgement for autodidact learning we have been running since 2006. 

Autodidact means you will conduct your own research and use existing learning to prepare your dissertation, we do not provide learning manuals. We will provide assessment and a PCAc certificate which will be sent through the postal system and arrive at your door.

Our PCAc certificates contain the name of the autodidact learner, the knowledge they have expressed and laminated with a hologram in the bottom right corner.

Our courses are designed for autodidact learners who have the ability to conduct their own research and write an authoritative dissertation regarding their chosen subject.  We acknowledge your learning with our own in-house PCAc awards. 

PCAc awards are used to express an awareness of ethics and to compliment your existing intellectual pursuits. Each PCAc certificate displays our website to assist interested parties to verify the documents value and suitable application.  

We use our own ethical principles as a guide and require that you express that your conduct be in harmony with these principles when in practice.  

In order to obtain a PCAc award you are required to submit a detailed dissertation based on existing knowledge.

Become a Contributor of Philosophy phC 

If requested, your dissertation can be made available for other learners to read. 

 When allowing your work to be read by other learners you will be acknowledged as a phC (Contributor of Philosophy) and receive this certificate in addition to your PCAc. 

Plessey Castle Academic PCAc and phC Distance learning Atheism Buddhism Tarot Wicca meditation mindfulness
To be eligible for the phC certificate you must give permission for us to use your work in any dissertation you submit. 

"No deadlines & pay nothing until you are ready to submit your dissertation."

Our Distance learning PCAc Courses 

Keep in F.R.A.M.E 

Positive Behaviour Support PCAc

 A course focusing on professional values and proactive strategies for  the promotion of well being and security. Understanding maladaptive behaviour and how to reduce its occurrence. 

PCAc awards are achieved by intellectual thinkers who are able to study without external guidance. We find that university graduates choose our PCAc awards as a means of continued personal development and for the challenge and satisfaction of writing an approved dissertation.

PCAc awards are designed for the autodidact. You will  find these awards valuable in demonstrating that you are committed to personal development. 

If you are a self motivated learner with a philosophical and intellectual mind then you will find your experience with 'Plessey Castle Academic' extremely satisfying.

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Plessey Castle Academic.  
Plessey Castle Academic became a registered learning provider  in 2006.  It is a home-run business, designed to provide informal acknowledgement for learning; focusing on unusual and neglected subjects.  
Alex H Parker